Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can improve your safety and comfort while adding a touch of luxury to your home.

Lighting automation provides the ability to:

  • Easily turn off all lights from a single button located next to the door, next to the bed, or even from your Smartphone.
  • Create an illuminated path between the garage and the kids’ room so you can carry them to bed safely when you get home late.
  • Quickly create an ambiance; romantic, dinner, morning, movie, or other.
  • Automatically turn on the garage or patio lights when the door is opened or motion is detected, only if it is dark.
  • Simulate presence when you are away. A sequence of lights turning on and off can simulate perfectly the occupation of your home. The sequence can be triggered by motion detection, it can be based on a schedule, or even randomly.
  • Illuminate your path when you get home, outside and inside.
  • Automatically turn off, at a predetermined time, all lights that could have been forgotten on.
  • Quickly turn all exterior lights on, from a single button, to help identify the source of a noise at night.
  • Flash a bedside lamp to indicate forgotten a window or door when going into night mode.
  • Easily add a light switch at a new and more convenient location.

The list goes on and is only limited by a combination of our and your imaginations.


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